Why N-type Solar Cells Is Becoming a New Trend?

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Why N-type Solar Cells Is Becoming a New Trend?

Why N-type Solar Cells Is Becoming a New Trend?

August 18, 2023

Technology development trend of photovoltaic cells - P to N is imperative.

Photovoltaic solar cells technology iterations continue to focus on "efficiency enhancement" + "cost reduction" At present, the average mass production efficiency of PERC cells is 23.2%, and the theoretical conversion efficiency limit is 24.5%. The mass production efficiency has already approached the theoretical limit of efficiency, making it difficult to increase the efficiency of PERC cells significantly. N-type solar cells technology iteration is imperative.

Compared with traditional P-type solar cells, N-type solar cells have the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high bifaciality, low temperature coefficient, almost no light decay, and good weak light effect. Currently, mainstream N-type solar cells include TOPCon, HJT, IBC, etc. TOPCon has high limit efficiency and low cost of production line transformation; HJT has high mass production efficiency and a clear cost reduction route; IBC conversion upper limit is higher, but economical improvement still takes time. At present, the actual mass production yield rate of Topon is 24%-25.2%, and the actual mass production efficiency of HJT is about 25%, which is 1%-2% higher than that of P-type PERC cells.



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