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PNG-60P-35F 275-285W

Polycrystalline 60 cells

IP68 junction box, connector

IP68 junction box and connector have a high degree of waterproof,

effectively resist the harsh environment;

15A current

The junction box carries a current of 15A, ensuring high current flow

through the modules;

PID Resistant

Excellent PID resistance at 96 hours (85

/85%) test,and also can be improved to meet higher standards

for the particularly harsh environment;

Super strong frame

Glue-spilled tank has a double-layer waterproof, cross-section with

hook-shaped aluminum frame, enhanced by 10% of the mechanical load



Excellent anti-microcracking performance with more balanced interior stress;

Strong mechanical load capacity

Passed the 2400pa wind load and 5400pa snow load test, ensuring that the module has a stable mechanical life;
Lower temperature coefficients

Enhance power generation


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